The school environment is extremely stressful at the moment. Do you feel stressed and anxious at times where this has affected your confidence in your ability to do your job? If so, don’t be downhearted. It’s a fairly common occurrence and most SBL’s have felt this way at some point in their careers. Firstly, letsContinue reading “JET PACK YOUR SBL CONFIDENCE!”

ICFP and Financial Sustainability – An algebra pop quiz?

Surprisingly in this field, I often meet people who do not really love numbers and don’t really like discussing them. In our school role, it is impossible to go through a term without using spreadsheets and data. Just when you thought this was enough, metrics and management ratios are the new buzz words. They comeContinue reading “ICFP and Financial Sustainability – An algebra pop quiz?”

The ‘Quiet Crisis’ of Less Funding vs Rising Costs

You will recall in the press a few years ago that Headteachers were calling for a funding review because schools believed their budgets were untenable by 2019/20.  Like other schools, most have faced these ever increasing pressures and rising costs.  Although the phrase ‘perfect storm’ gets over-used, it is perhaps an appropriate way to describeContinue reading “The ‘Quiet Crisis’ of Less Funding vs Rising Costs”